A Thoughtful Gift For Dad

I want to share this simple, but very sweet Father's Day craft project I found on the Fun Handprint Art website. All you need is some finger paint, poster board, fun stickers and a black marker. You can add additional bling, photos, or anything else you think dad would like. For a more finished look, you can put this art in one of those inexpensive Plexiglas frames that can be found at most craft stores.

Start with a handprint (or footprint if that's more fun) and add "5 Reasons Why I Love You" underneath. By the way, if 5 isn't enough, you can always add more.

If your child is not yet verbal, feel free to speak on their behalf. What do you think they love the most about being with dad? Reading together, taking walks, eating breakfast, hugs, whatever interaction you've observed that brings them the most joy.

I really liked this project because it included more than just the words "I Love You". It encourages kids to take a moment and really think about all the ways dad expresses his love for them. You may be surprised to discover how meaningful these simple activities are to your children.

I have so much admiration for all the wonderful fathers I see out and about with babies in carriers, doing errands and interacting with their kids in ways that were not traditional "roles" when I was growing up. To be fair, the only baby carriers most people had back then were two arms, but it was still usually moms doing the carrying. Being a father is still a big job -- that hasn't changed -- and the rewards for all those efforts are priceless. That hasn't changed either. Enjoy your day!

Happy Father's Day