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A Year Of Looking At What's Right With The World

A Year Of Looking At What's Right With The World

Most of us start off each New Year with a list of resolutions or intentions related to what we want to change about our self or our situations. I want to lose weight, exercise more, eat better, have more fun, work less, make more money -- the list goes on and on.

We tend to focus on things about ourselves or our interactions that we don't like or are unhappy about. From this perspective we are starting off the New Year focused on what is wrong and how can we fix it.

How much time do we spend focusing on what's right in our life and reflecting on the positive aspects of who we are (regardless of weight)? What if, instead, we resolve to let this be a year of noticing how abundant our life really is and the wonderful things that surround us on a daily basis? Family, good health, a beautiful sky, a comfortable place to live, a good cup of coffee– the list is really endless when you decide to start looking through the lens of what's good right now.

Let's be bold and decide to spend the next year focusing on what's right in our life, in the world and all that we we have to be grateful for. There are many things that need to change for the better worldwide and we hear about that daily, hourly, minute-by-minute from every media source. The doom and gloom news is much more stimulating and rating producing than reporting acts of kindness, caring and positive change.

These are a few of the good things that happened in 2016 and so many more that we may never know about. The good news (if it were reported) is that there is more right in the world than many choose to see and share. What we put our attention on expands – so make a conscious effort to focus on the goodness of people, the progress we are making for a better world and the abundance we have.

Good Things That Happened in 2016

  • Volunteers in India planted 50 million trees in 24 hours.
  • The giant panda is no longer endangered.
  • British Columbia unveiled a historic agreement to protect a massive swath of rain forest along its coastline. Home to 26 aboriginal tribes and the rare Sprit Bear, a subspecies of the Black Bear with White fur and claws.
  • World hunger reached it lowest point in 25 years.
  • Homelessness in the United States declined by 35% since 2007. Los Angeles committed $1.2 billion to help get more people off the street.
  • Norway became the first country in the world to commit to zero deforestation.
  • The citizens of Mumbai conducted the largest beach cleanup in human history, removing more than 4,000 tons of rubbish.
  • Sea World agreed to stop breeding captive whales.
  • More than 20 countries pledged over 5.3 billion for ocean conservation and created 40 new marine sanctuaries.
  • The United States fed healthy lunches to more than 30 million children and is about to ban trans fats. It has also enacted one of the biggest overhauls of nutrition labels in decades.
  • Warren Buffet gave $2.9 Billion to charity, again. His son, a farmer and environmentalist, continued to spend his billion dollar inheritance on sustainable agriculture and hunger eradication.
  • 70,000 Muslim clerics declared a fatwa against ISIS.
  • Dentists are once again providing free care to Veterans who need it.
  • Studies show that the ozone layer is repairing itself - the work we did to get rid of aerosol chemicals was worth it.
  • Patagonia, the outdoor clothing company donated all proceeds from it's store and online Black Friday purchases ($10 million) to grassroots organizations and local environmental charities.
  • Alex, a 6 year old Scarsdale boy wrote a letter to President Obama inviting Omran Daqneesh, a displaced Syrian refuge boy, to stay at his house, and suggested he and his friends at school could "all play together". He also said he would share his bike with him.

  This year let's take Alex's lead and all play together, share, look for what's good, right and wonderful going on around us. 

HAPPY 2017!

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