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Mother: [muth-er] - Noun - A Female Parent

Mother: [muth-er] - Noun - A Female Parent

This is Webster's definition of a mother and I can tell you as a mother and a grandmother that this makes me feel pretty special. Well, Webster was a man and therefore not a "female parent" so maybe this is the best he could come up with.

You can't really know the hugeness of motherhood until you have a child. (Although, many people feel qualified to give parenting advice because they have a pet…same thing…right?)

I was reminded a few years ago of how unprepared I had been about what to expect as a new mother. A co-worker asked me to recommend some good movies because she was going to be on maternity leave for 6 weeks and was looking for things to fill her time off. Do I need to mention that this was her first child? Of course, I fell down laughing and told her I would try to think of some movies that were no more than 5 to 10 minutes long. There is only so much you can anticipate, most of what you need to know, you learn on the job.

The true definition of what it takes to be a mother could fill half a dictionary but I would just like to highlight some of the qualities I think we all share as mothers worldwide.

We are:

1. The peace keepers of the family, in charge of settling disputes, instilling the values of fairness, sharing, and consideration for others.

2. Super humans who have the ability to function for a decade without proper sleep and with a spring in our step and smile on our face for our children.

3. The finders of all lost things (keys, homework, shoes) whatever it is we are missing, and just in time to avoid missing our ride.

4. The healers for both body and soul for all who need it in times of disappointment, confusion, sickness, or the inevitable growing pains.

5. A person who has an infinite supply of patience, love and kindness -- even without sleep.

6. Chef, housekeeper and personal Uber driver -- we wear many hats and have my jobs.

7. An all-knowing being who can help you figure out almost everything, from how to count, to how to find your path in life.

8. A person who makes you feel safe and happy, because you know that you are loved unconditionally.

For me, being a mother was one of the most challenging and at the same time, most rewarding experiences in my life. We are privileged to bring into the world the "gift of life" and with that, all the joy, love, exhaustion, and worry that comes with it. Fortunately, the joy and love is what we hold on to...

Let's celebrate our day – We moms are AMAZING!

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Wednesday, 27 September 2023

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