Simple Holiday Crafts

‚Äč3 fun holiday craft ideas!

1. Create a Centerpiece from your own yard

This is the time of the year when holly, beautiful leaves and other fall foliage can be right outside your door. Cuttings from branches, pine cones, dried grasses and colorful leaves make great centerpieces for a holiday dinner. Combine with candles, baskets, gourds, or colorful winter vegetables such as kale and persimmons. 

2. Candy Free Gingerbread House

Making Gingerbread houses is even more fun and creative using holiday decorations. All the craft stores are bursting with great stuff. Small ornaments, stickers, small figurines, and ribbon are just a few of the huge selection of little holiday goodies to choose from. Looking for clever things to decorate with is half the fun. 

3. Make Your Own Wrapping Paper

I think this is a great holiday craft for all ages. Each person can create his or her own unique wrapping paper. All you need is white butcher paper and a selection of paints, stickers, ink stamps, colored markers, glitter, or anything that looks fun. The possibilities are endless!