"Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers." -Harry S. Truman

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Guiding our children to become the best versions of themselves and our future leaders is a big job. It is also one of the most joyful and rewarding experiences of my life. Susan Arthur President, The ABCs of Everything, LLC MA, Counseling Psychology

Really Going Green


"Let's pause to fully grasp within, This sense of living green, We hear this word so often said, But what does this word mean?"  This is an excerpt from my latest book, "The ABCs of Living Green" and one that I'd like to elaborate on. We've all been talking about going green, which for most people means recycling, composting and reducing our c...

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Encouraging Imagination


"Imagination is more important than knowledge" Albert Einstein ​It seems these days there is a lot of emphasis on structured learning and at younger and younger ages. Are our children getting enough unstructured time to engage their imagination? Much research has been done around the value of imagination for successful learning and found that child...

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Does It Matter If Your Child Reads A Physical Book Or Reads On A Screen?


With kids facing so many distractions these days, reading is a great opportunity for redirection. It's a well-known saying, "first you learn to read, then you read to learn".As your kids grow older, they learn more enthusiastically if they love the act of reading itself when they are young enough to form a relationship with the written word. This s...

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Getting Kids To Go To Sleep


As a parent, getting your kids to go sleep at night can be quite a challenge. Having a child that goes right to sleep at bedtime is like winning the lottery and probably about the same odds. As difficult as it can be it's still one of the most important things you can do for your child's well being and your own sanity. Every child is different in t...

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It's Just A Toy

It's Just A Toy

I recently attended an event, which was giving out little gift items to the participants. One of the items looked like a cute little doll action figure. I thought – great I'll give this to my granddaughter. When I opened the packaging and looked closer at the doll (this time with my glasses on) I was unpleasantly surprised. It was a little girl dol...

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