• Stephanie


    How To Eat Your ABC's introduces each letter of the alphabet along with a tasty food to eat. Narrated by BuzzBee, a happy, friendly bee that is a master of rhyming, each plant has a poem that goes along with it.

    I enjoyed that every food was a plant that you could grow or go and find out in nature. Not all of the plants are common either, so this would be a great way to introduce new foods into your child's diet. For example, 'I' is for Indian Cress and 'U' is for Ugli fruit. I was really wondering what would happen with the letter 'X,' it is done pretty well, but I will leave that for a surprise. My son is a little young for trying all of the foods, but he did enjoy me reading the rhymes as well as the big, bright and simple pictures. It would be an awesome activity to taste all of the foods along with the book! Each poem is long enough that each letter could be done separately on different days. Also, the poems talk not only about the letter of the alphabet, but inform you about the plant itself. Buzzbee is a great choice of narrator since bees are needed to pollinate many of the plants that are talked about; another teaching point that can be integrated into the book.

    Seasons of Grace


    In this colorfully illustrated ABC children's book, narrated by BuzzBee, kids will learn about a variety of delicious nutritious foods they can eat. Theresa has included some pretty common ones such as Apples, Berries, Carrots and more, as well as, some you may not be familiar with such as Ugli Fruit and Indian Cress, an edible flower. I will let you guess what she came up with for letters Q and X.

    Written in a rhyming, poetic style Theresa tells a little about each food, where to find it, how to eat it, etc... This is greatly educational for moms who are looking to eat more nutritiously, and get their kids involved in a fun manner. Kids will love to look for these foods at a local store and try some they never had after reading this book.

    This book is well illustrated and fairly easy to read. Beginner readers may struggle with the length of the book and a few more difficult words, but it could be a fun challenge, as well as, a great parent to child read. I am excited to share this book with my youngest daughter.



    What an amazing and fun way to teach your kids about fruits and veges. Beautifully written and illustrated. This book can be passed on. Definitely a score!



    What a wonderful book that teaches young children how to "eat their ABCs!" This book has a nice flow and a smart rhyme. What I love most is that the reader learns about healthy eating while being entertained by adorable illustrations and catchy rhymes. My 7 year old cousin flipped open the book and began reading to my husband. Very easy for a child to follow and a beginning reader to read. A great book with a lot of nutritional information! Five stars!



    A great way to introduce pre-schoolers to nutrition in a fun, engaging story format. Awakens kids to the possibilities of different foods, and is great for picky eaters!!!!!

    Michelle & Michael


    I found this book to be very charming! It introduces kids to many vegetables they may not otherwise be inclined to try. BuzzBee is a delightful little guy I look forward to seeing in further publications!


    Good Reads

    How to Eat Your ABC's is such a cute book. It is also a super fun way for kids to learn their abc's. I love that it rhymes, and that all the food is either a fruit or vegetable. So not only does your kid learn their abc's, but they also learn about different fruits and vegetables. My kids really enjoy this book and we have read it over and over again. The pictures are vibrant and super cute to look at. I found myself and my children smiling throughout this whole story.


    Good Reads

    Narrated by Buzz Bee, a very cutely illustrated insect with an insatiable hunger for learning, this is a fun books for adults to share with their young readers. The rhymes are pretty good and made me smile. I can see this as a book to use in daycare environments and ask children about other foods that begin with each letter.



    Theresa! Your book has been a big hit in my clinic...especially with our feeding kids & parents!!!! Where can I get more!!!

    Patrice Karst - Best-selling author of The Invisible String and The Smile That Went Around the World


    This delightful happy spirited book will not only introduce your little ones to their ABC's in such a charming way, but also so many yummy healthy foods! What a fun way to help teach children where the food that they eat really comes from. The narrator character throughout- BuzzBee is a darling!

    Terry Lee – Author of Time Trials and 2-part series, How to Write When You Think You Can’t


    Theresa McKeown has creatively developed a book for young readers which I found extremely delightful. The illustrations are outstanding, and the author’s way of incorporating rhymes certainly aids in sounding out new/unfamiliar words. Also, the information provided about fruits and vegetables served a dual educational opportunity. My 6 yr old grandson and I read through this wonderful book together. What a special fun time! Thumbs up to Ms. McKeown. Hope to see BuzzBee and How to Eat Your ABC’s in school libraries across the country. Easily a five-star book!



    I think this is a very cute little book for kids. It makes learning fun and exciting. It has lots of bright colors and shapes and will keep young children interested in learning their ABCs. Some of the drawings are a little silly but I think kids will like that. This would be a great tool to help teach your preschooler their ABCs no matter if you are preparing them for school or homeschooling. A cute book and educational you can't ask for more.



    How to Eat Your ABC'S is a cute book for children. My two-year-old loved the photos and the rhymes that went with the letters. Buzz Bee is a friendly honeybee that takes us on a journey through the alphabet with fruits and vegetables. Every letter of the alphabet has a nice rhyme to it and it makes it more fun for your child to learn your ABC's. The pictures in this book are very colorful and cute. Very easy to follow along to. Very well done indeed. I would recommend this book to parents and teachers. A good book to have on your bookshelf. I voluntary received this book to give my honest opinion.



    Great book, highly recommend it! I love the rhymes, and the brightly colored animation, and of course BuzzBee!

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